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Visual starter indicator to convey starter pistol shot

A promising young Female Sprinter with impaired hearing who’s trainer and family were hopeful for her achieving qualification for the 2028 Olympics required an assistance device for detecting the starter pistol shot.

System Built: The solution comprised a Master and Slave unit mounted in weather-proof enclosures. Both USB phone power-bank operated.
The Master Detector unit is located near to the Starter Pistol location. When power is initiated it sends a hand-shake blinker beacon signal to the Slave Unit to show it is communicating. An assistant is required to ensure the Master Unit is set to on not false triggered. The Master unit contains a small microphone which has been pre-adjusted to detect a rapid impulse sound such as a pistol shot. Ambient noise will not be detected.
The Slave unit is positioned at the Runner’s Starter Block. It has a thin ribbon cable which connects to a small low profile pod in the runner’s eye-line. It also flashes to show it is communicating with the Master Unit. When the Pistol Sound is detected arrow of bright White LEDs light up instantly. There are no delays as the relay is made by a 433 MHz RF link. “Marks” and “Get-Set” LEDs can also be relayed by the Trainer or Assistant at the Master Controller as the Starter speak them prior to firing.
This system does not depend on any software or Blue-Tooth Pairing. The RF transmitter and receiver are pre-paired on build like an RF power switch.

This system is back with me at present as the young Sprinter has lost interest in competitive running. This system can possibly be applied to other applications requiring remote signalling. The TX to RX range has been tested up to around 40 metres.

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