The following are just a few examples of the type of work we undertake. Thank you to our clients & their families for sharing these stories.

Children & Young People

Tilly, a fiercely independent little girl with cerebral palsy, was thrilled to be gifted a T-wagon but was heartbroken when she realised she couldn’t operate the controls herself.

Our expert engineers crafted a joy-stick controller, so Tilly can speed around in style and keep up with her sister and other friends.

“We can’t thank REMAP enough, they have been amazing to us. They travelled to visit, measure up and worked out what would be best for T, only taking the car away long enough to complete the work, and returned it safely in one piece.
Thank you for making our little T the happiest little girl in the world, we are so grateful.”
– Tilly’s Mum


Due to reduced motor impairment of her hands and fingers, reading for Kirandeep had become increasingly harder, due to difficulties grasping and turning pages.

A book manipulation aid was made by her local REMAP group which could hold an adult paperback book with up to 500 pages. This enables Kirandeep to easily turn each page without losing control of a book.

Older People

This client is an amputee which made using a standard walking frame very difficult.

Our engineers adapted this frame to make it usable and comfortable for him.

He can now feel safe and supported when getting out and about.

People with Learning Disabilities

Ethan has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair full-time and has limited motor control of his upper limbs. As a result, independent play can be a challenge.

Using 3D-printed fidget toys attached to a portable freestanding frame, volunteers created an independent activity board for Ethan! The OT and his parents hope that this will help improve his coordination and dexterity.

Around the House

This young client wanted to cook for themselves but couldn’t reach the kitchen work surface.

We built them a bespoke portable wooden step incorporating brake wheels and side rails for safety.
It has given the client greater independence, and they are now learning how to bake!

Sports and Hobbies

This client took up pony riding to improve her posture and core strength but needed a specialised saddle to provide extra support.

Our expert engineers designed and created an adjustable frame which clamps onto a standard saddle. This provides sufficient support while encouraging exercise to strengthen her muscles.

Clare is a wheelchair user with multiple sclerosis. She had a passion for archery but was unable to get involved as she didn’t have the strength to hold a bow due to weakness down her left side.

REMAP engineers designed and created a safe and durable bow stand for her, which has enabled her to become an archer.

“The help from REMAP has been invaluable. It has enabled me to become an archer, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do.”
– Clare

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