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Corporate partnerships with companies and organisations are hugely valuable to us at REMAP. We’re so grateful to all who work with us to help raise funds and boost awareness, and make our mission of improving lives for people with disabilities a reality.  

Not only are corporate partnerships a great way to raise funds to make our work possible, they’re also important for raising awareness of what we do and highlight the amazing work of our network of volunteers across the country. What’s more, your organisation benefits too, as we will promote your branding and commitment too. 

We always welcome new partnerships, and would love to hear from you if you think your organisation would like to get involved. 

Here are a few ways partnerships can help to support REMAP…

Charity of the Year

Many organisations have the option of nominating a Charity of The Year, which is a fantastic way of supporting REMAP and engaging other colleagues with our work too. 

Whether it’s through fundraising events, or volunteering schemes, we welcome any opportunity to partner with an organisation. What’s more, it offers your business benefits too:

  • Offer staff a fulfilling opportunity to engage with charity events
  • Increase awareness of your organisation or brand through REMAP
  • Demonstrate commitment to supporting disabled people across the UK
  • Support staff members who may have a close connection with our work

Furthermore, your support is hugely appreciated here at REMAP, and can significantly help with our commitment to change the lives of people with disabilities. 

Payroll Giving

If you use PAYE, you can offer your employees the opportunity to give as they earn, with tax-free Payroll Giving donations. 

It’s one of the most tax-efficient and hassle-free ways for your employees to donate to charity, and it’s a fantastic scheme to offer as an employer. 

If you’re thinking about setting up a scheme for your organisation, get in touch with a Payroll Giving agency to find out more. 


By sponsoring one of our fundraising events, your organisation will not only be showing support for our work, but making the most of an opportunity to raise awareness of your brand too. 

Get in touch to find out more about the fantastic sponsorship opportunities available to you and your organisation. 

Match Giving

Show your support for your employees and for a very worthy cause with Match Giving. You can choose to match every pound your employees raise and give their fundraising efforts a fantastic boost. 

If you do decide to offer match giving for an event or fundraising effort, it’s also a great idea to speak to the employees who are raising the funds so they can publicise your generous donations too. 

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