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Chair for child washing at basin

Jacob could not stand at the bathroom basin to wash.

He could not bend his legs to sit in a standard high chair

Detachable stair rail

This rather unusual request came from the Parochial Church Council of St. Peter’s Church, Wootton Wawen, which is the oldest church in Warwickshire and one of the oldest structures in the Midlands. Near Stratford-upon-Avon, its tower dates back to the 900s, if not earlier.

Entry to the church is through a pair of large inward-opening oak doors, which lead directly onto two large descending stone steps. But there is no handrail. The congregation includes many elderly people, most of whom have difficulty negotiating the steps without the use of a support. Could Remap supply some device or other to make it easier to negotiate the steps?

See video.

Walker loader

Walker loaderA lady with severe back problems is able to drive but cannot go out alone because she cannot load her walker into her car.

Fitting a system of cords and pulleys to her car without the need to make major modifications to the vehicle meant that the client could load the walker into the car after use. As the client starts to raise the walker it tips over the sill of the car boot into the car. The pulley system accommodates the client’s lack of physical strength whilst being also light and portable.

The client is able to use her car without having to be accompanied.

Toilet seat armrest

Toilet seat armrestThe client has severe rheumatoid arthritis for which she has had hip replacements and her knee joints are locked in the standing position. She needs carer help to get from a standing to a sitting position but would like to at least support herself at the instant that her feet lift off the floor.

She has an electric solo riser toilet seat adaptation and an armrest has been fitted to provide support as the seat is lowered and raised. A similar arm support has been fitted to her electrically operated armchair.

The client now has more confidence that she will not fall when being moved from a standing to a sitting position and vice versa. It is also now easier for the carer.

Stocking puller

Stocking pullerThe client found that removing his support stockings was almost impossible without assistance as he was unable to roll them down and pull them off unaided. The stockings had to be removed at night so the client was dependent on a carer to assist his going to bed.

This simple solution involves linking suspender-type clips on the stockings with cords and a simple pulley system. This is an uncomplicated, lightweight and readily portable device that can easily be operated by the client. Anchoring the pulley block under the bottom of a door, fastening the clips to his stockings and gently pulling the cord he smoothly removes his support stockings.

The client does not now need a carer’s assistance at bed time.

Shooting support frame

Shooting support frameA young man with severe physical disabilities and a muscle wasting disease affecting his legs and balance, required a frame to support him in a standing position when clay pigeon shooting, in which he competes internationally. The frame had to be strong, lightweight, easily collapsible and provide a secure non-slip surface in mud and wet grass.

A frame was constructed from stainless steel and aluminum tubing with heavyweight expanded aluminium mesh on an aluminium angle frame for the base. The hinges and support brackets were machined from nylon blocks. The complete frame weighs less than 6kg.

The frame met all requirements and the client now feels more secure and confident when shooting under adverse conditions. Being collapsible, the frame is easily carried by car or air.

Holder for tying pony tail in long hair

Holder for long hairA young mother with a paralysed arm needed to be able to tie back her pony tail so it did not get in the way when she was caring for her baby but she could not do so unaided.

A frame was designed that stands behind a chair and that also holds a hair clip. The client, one-handed, can then put her hair into the frame and with it kept in place she can fix it with the clip.

The control that this device provides has helped a mother to care for her baby independently.


Gardener’s see-through tool tray

Gardener's see-through tool trayThe client, a keen gardener and a wheelchair user, needed a tray attached to his chair strong enough to carry hand tools, watering can and plants. However, in order that he could see to work the tray should not obscure his view.

A strong, light wire tray fitted by a bracket to the wheelchair fulfilled both requirements. The client was able, independently, to pursue his hobby.


Chord playing prosthesis

Chord playing prosthesisThis 13-year old girl has a severe skin condition which causes blistering and scarring. Her right hand is permanently fisted and left hand fingers have rather limited movement. She wanted to be able to learn to play a keyboard.

A chord playing prosthesis was made. This is able to depress three alternate keys on the keyboard. The fingers were made from aluminium with thimbles on the ends which accommodated for the height difference between the black and white keys.

The client is now able to play the chords she wanted to play.


Pushchair Brake

An epileptic mother wanted a self-acting brake that would automatically immobilise a pushchair if the mother had a fit. A brake lever was connected to the brake via a Bowden cable. To release the brake, the client places her wrist under the rod and plastic ball and, by squeezing the brake lever, a small latch falls into place to hold the lever closed. The lever remains closed whilst the wrist is lifting the ball, if the hand is removed the ball falls, releasing the latch which applies the brake. The mother has peace of mind that her child will not come to harm if the mother has a fit whilst in control of the wheelchair.

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