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Off Road Wheelchair Trolley

The purpose of this case was to enable a profoundly disabled child, who uses a bespoke specialist wheel chair, to be taken to new places and benefit from additional positive sensory experiences to improve quality of life.  Our client wanted to take their daughter to the beach to enjoy the sound of the sea and experience the feel of water on her feet.  Unfortunately as the child is unable to exit her chair, any standard off road wheel chair modifications were not suitable.

The current wheel chair has narrow wheels which “dig” in when on soft ground. This was preventing steering and forward movement and therefore a means of supporting the wheel chair was required to travel over soft uneven ground.

Door intercom

Door intercomRob, who has multiple sclerosis, lives in a multi-level ground floor house. When not in his wheelchair with ramps down callers assume, due to the time taken to reach the door, that he is out. He needed to communicate easily from anywhere on his property.

The solution was to use two walkie – talkies, one carried on his wheelchair, the other fitted inside a box, with a louvred grille for conversation and push button for transmission, fixed by the door bell. Batteries were kept charged using the door bell’s transformer.

He can now communicate from anywhere in range, even up in the High Street, a mile away!

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