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Wash – Shampoo hair independently

The challenge was to create an aid which would enable a young woman who is unable to raise her arms above shoulder height to wash, shampoo and condition her hair independently.

Visual aid for cooker knobs

Visual aid for cooker knobsA lady wheelchair user has difficulty seeing recessed cooker control setting knobs because of the low wheelchair height.

A mirror reflecting hand-held device was made.

The client is now able to see the controls and adjust them to the required setting without someone else in attendance.


Clothing aid

The gentleman has a spinal injury and is unable to put on his shirt or jacket without assistance.

A spring-loaded post was constructed to hold his clothes at a height at which he could put his arms into them and as he walked forward the jacket/shirt was freed from the post.

The client can now put on his shirt and jacket without help.




Car key extension

Car key extensionThe client has a new motability car and is unable to turn the ignition key to start the vehicle. Her grip is poor having recently broken her wrist.

A tee-bar extension was made up from softwood and ply which clamps to the ignition key.

The client can now grip the key extension and has no difficulty in starting the car.


Guitar stand

Guitar standFollowing a stroke the client was unable to play his Hawaiian guitar which had previously given him great pleasure.

A portable stand was made to support the guitar and a wrist support was adapted to hold a purpose-made slider.

The client can now resume playing his guitar.


Injection site massager

The client has had Parkinson’s disease for 11 years. He has nodules on his thighs resulting from the frequent injections, which in turn, make injecting difficult through the tough tissue and reduces the effectiveness of the drug. Vigorous massage is required to effectively disperse the nodules.

An improved version of his own home-made ‘pommeller’ was devised using a jig-saw to provide the reciprocating motion to a piston housed within a short cylinder and faceplate. A dimmer switch in the supply circuit provides speed control.

They can now massage the tough tissue before injections. A second device has since been requested by the client’s consultant. He intends making it available to other people with Parkinson’s disease who may be helped by its use.


Support bracket/bench for chainsaw

Support bracket bench for power chainsawThe client has only the use of one hand and arm and needs to cut logs with a chainsaw for a wood-burning stove.

A bench was made to support the chainsaw between a pair of pivoted brackets, placed & secured above the log to be cut. The logs can now be safely cut using only one arm and hand.

Sunglasses-mounted mirrors

Sunglasses-mounted mirrorsThe client is a marathon runner who has tunnel vision. He does not see other runners on either side.

Two cut-down pieces of plastic mirror tile fitted with adjustable hinges & mounted on wrap-round sunglasses. With only a slight turn of the head the client can see other runners alongside and behind.

Pneumatic pillow lift

Pneumatic pillow liftThe client was unable to raise herself from a prone position in bed as she was awaiting replacement shoulder joints.

An inflatable pillow was made, inflated by a cylinder vacuum cleaner controlled by a low voltage push button.

The client is now able to get up from bed without aid.

Oxygen bottle trolley

The client has impaired lung function and requires a continuous supply of oxygen. Having always been very active, he found the oxygen bottle and supply tubing annoyingly restrictive.

A light-weight trolley was made to hold the oxygen cylinder, metering unit and excess supply tubing.

He can walk virtually anywhere unaided, albeit at his own pace.

Mobile and elevating computer desk

The client has Parkinson’s disease and has reduced mobility and strength. She wishes to use her computer from a wheelchair and from her bed.

A worktop was constructed with an elevating section for the keyboard and pull-out tray for a mouse and remote control. A hydraulic jack was fitted between the caster-mounted support frame and the worktop to cater for the two levels required. All the computer accessories, water, medicines and lighting are collected together for use whenever the client needs them. She is delighted!


Leg raiser

Leg raiserThe client has spina bifida and due to her immobility her legs are very swollen and heavy. She wanted to be able to put her feet up. Available chairs included a reclining backrest which she did not want.

A pivoted platform was devised, attached to a subframe beneath a normal fireside chair. A mains powered reversing drill, driving a screw and nut, provided the means to raise and lower the platform via a wired remote control. The client can now sit comfortably with her feet up whenever she wishes without needing to ask for help.

Landing staging

Landing stagingA disabled members’ sailing club requested the provision of a low standing stage for those with minor incapacity. They already had a hoist and sling for the more disabled members.

Staging was made from chequer plate on an aluminium angle frame, fixed to a hoist spigot.

The more capable members are able to get into the boats, albeit with assistance, much more easily than when only the hoist was available.


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