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Foot and leg exercisers for chair and wheelchair users


Attached are two pictures of foot and leg exercising devices designed and made by two members of REMAP Gwent, who do have a very special interest in those who suffer from MS and their inability to get the crucial type of exercise they need. This will also apply to any other person who has a similar lack of mobility problem.


The concept is for anyone who has to be seated for lengthy periods, either in a chair or wheelchair, to be able to maintain leg muscle power. That aim has been proved by our colleagues by using these devices within their MS group.


In effect they allow the feet to see-saw in order to tone leg and foot muscles, this in turn would also help blood circulation below the knees, hopefully preventing the problem that many people in such a position can be vulnerable to develop, ‘Deep Vein Thrombosis’.





Bedside carousel

Bedside carouselThe client has a progressive degenerative disease that has confined him to bed for a number of years. The client has extreme difficulty accessing items required.

A carousel device was made mounted on a structure at the side of the bed that projects over the bed and presents a compartmentalised rotating table to the client. The client is able to access and rotate the table easily for articles stored in each compartment. The problem of knocking things onto the floor was eliminated and the cluttered bedside tables dispensed with.

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