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Dog Treat Dispenser

We were asked by ‘Ability Dogs 4 Young Persons’, Isle of Wight, to come up with a way for the mobility scooter user to reward their dog with treat/s when their dog has achieved a specific task. The method of rewarding the dog had to be very easy for the user to perform.

The solution needs to deliver a single treat quickly and easily on the dog competing the task. This allows the person to train the dog themselves and reward appropriate behaviour.


Buggy control attachment for those who need wrist support

Designed for a lady who suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis & SJD, this buggy/pushchair attachment supports the wrist and lower arm in a horizontal aspect whilst maintaining full control of the pushchair.

Paternoster storage system

The client has restricted space and is wheelchair bound. They live in a rented flat so permanent fixings to walls etc are not allowed.

The clients main hobby is creating art and crafts for which they use a lot of different materials. These take space and it is difficult for the client to easily gain access to all the various materials needed.

We were asked to come up with a free standing rotating storage system so that they could access the materials from the wheelchair and reduce the amount of surface space needed for storage

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