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Gas fire T handle - extends the normal control and makes it much easier to control the fire.

Extended Gas Fire Control

The client was sturggling to turn on her gas fire, after she broke her wrist. She is also being evaluated for dementia.

a mobility scooter with a dog trailer attached.

Attaching a Dog Trailer to a Mobility Scooter

The client wrote, “I have dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa recessive (EB). It means my skin shears off or blisters at the slightest touch. I can’t manage fiddly things like catches etc. I was diagnosed at birth. Any damage to my skin risks incurable skin cancer.”

The client has a new mobility scooter, and new to her, trailer for her Canine Partner assistance dog, but with no immediate means of connecting the trailer to the scooter.

As the client has limited use of her hands, any solution needs to address her limited dexterity and the fragility of her skin.

Finished, new part installed to extend the handles.

4-wheel walker HEIGHT EXTENSION

Extending the handles of a 4-wheel walker using 3D printed parts and carbon fibre tube.

Custom Bathboard

The client required a bathboard to assist their access to bathing facilities in a care home.

Television periscope viewer

Television viewerThis client’s inability to lift his head into vertical posture makes watching television very difficult. Medical aids to support head in vertical position have been unsuccessful.

Two mirrors mounted at the correct angles in a lightweight aluminium frame allow the client to view the television without lifting his head.

The client can enjoy more relaxed and less painful television viewing.

Activity boards for children

Activity boards for childrenChildren with poor fine motor skills and motor planning difficulties needed a means of exercising these skills.  Activity boards containing various screw thread applications and simulated locks & door fastenings to provide exercise and development of the fine motor skills were made.

The children enjoy playing with this equipment and at the same time it is exercising and improving their skills.

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