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Moving table top

Margaret has Motor Neurone Disease, and was keen to be able to move her plate away and access her communication device independently following a meal.

The solution was inspired by a Lazy Susan type device that may be found for kitchen cupboard organisation .

Adaptation to bath tap rail

bath tap railA lady with arthritis and a general stiffness needs the aid of a bath rail to get out of the bath which can be fitted temporarily when needed at the tap end. The difficulty was that the tap handles are so close to the wall that it was impossible to insert the rail over the taps.

The rail fixing bracket was modified so that it was held in place by sliding a bar sideways behind the taps, and below the tap handles and this bar fixed by easily operated screws to the main frame of the bath rail.


Spreaders for chair legs

Spreaders for chair legsA schoolgirl with ataxic cerebral palsy, limited mobility and limited understanding, is preferred by her occupational therapist and by the school to use standard school equipment where possible. Because her movements are uncontrolled she tends to tip her chair backward.

A ‘spreader’ was fitted to the rear legs of the chair which now makes it impossible for the girl to tip it backwards.

She is not now in danger of harming herself and also, by the use of a standard school chair, it reduces the impression of difference from the other pupils.


Stand for TV remote control

Angled block to position remote controlsThe client has multiple sclerosis which is affecting his hand function. This has resulted in his having difficulty operating the remote controls for his TV and radio.

A wooden block was made to hold both remote controls firmly in place, so that all the client has to do is press buttons. An additional refinement is that each remote control is positioned such that each is facing either the TV, or the radio/music centre, as appropriate.

He now retains his former independence in operating this equipment.


TV mounting bracket

TV mounting bracketThe client is an early teenage boy with severe cerebral palsy. His parents bought a TV for his bedroom but a position for it could not be found so that he could watch it from his bed. They suggested fixing it high on the wall by means of a bracket , but this was judged to be potentially unstable and unsafe.

An overbed table was suitably reinforced to take the weight of the TV. The table, being on castors, could be moved over the bed as needed, but could also be repositioned so that the TV could be watched also from wheelchair, armchair etc.

With so few life-enhancing possibilities open to him, TV obviously becomes a very important element in his everyday life and his opportunities to watch it have now been greatly increased.


Provision of adjustable bed rail

Provision of adjustable bed railThe client has progressive weakness in all muscle groups affecting her abilities to walk, sit upright for long periods, and great difficulty moving and turning in bed. She needs a shallow bed rail to assist her to turn or otherwise move her position in the bed, but the rail must not impede her ability to reach to the bedside table to operate her bi-pap machine (which assists her to breathe when lying down).

A bed rail was made from 1″ stainless steel tube, mounted on brackets attached to the bed frame. The brackets are adjustable to allow both horizontal movement along the bed frame, and vertical movement by means of adjustable height stops.

The bed rail can now be adjusted precisely to suit all the criteria needed by the client, whatever the current situation.


Security cover for gas cooker control knobs

Security cover for gas cooker control knobsThe clients have an autistic son whose behaviour is unpredictable. If in the kitchen on his own, he sometimes turns on the gas cooker controls, such that the parents have frequently to check that they are all in the ‘off’ position.

A stainless steel lockable cover was made which fits securely over that knobs which can be easily removed when needed and then easily replaced.

If the son now wanders into the kitchen on his own, the parents can stay relaxed because he is not putting himself or them in any danger.


Device to assist putting on velcro shoes

Device to assist putting on velcro shoesA lady with severe arthritis and with practically no movement in her hip joints, had great difficulty placing on her shoes and fastening the velcro.

An available long-handled tool (a ‘helping hand’) was modified by cuttting and bracketing at the lower end to provided an angled, rather than a straight grasping action.

The client can now put on, or take off, her shoes without difficulty.


Work surface attachment for wheelchair

Work surface attachment for wheelchairYoung lad with brittle bones syndrome has to spend all his time in a wheelchair in a semi-supine position, which means that he is unable to follow any pursuits or interests which involve a flat working surface.

A table unit was constructed which is fixed to the wheelchair and provides a working surface at approximately 45º.

He now has a surface upon which he can follow various activities but principally the use of a computer keyboard.


Wobble board

Wobble boardThis child has global developmental delay, whereby he is oversensitive to outside stimuli, particularly to movement. During therapy it was noted that he could tolerate mild movement when it is accompanied by a visual and auditory focus.

A wobble board with Perspex surface and including glass marbles was made.

The child, by focusing on the noise and the visual movement of the glass marbles when using the wobble board, is now more tolerant of movement.


Wheelchair arm guard

Wheelchair Arm GuardYoung lad has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. His right arm, at shoulder and elbow, tends to rotate backwards behind him at any time without notice. If it happens when he is being wheeled through a doorway, it could damage his right arm.

An adjustable guard rail was made from plastic piping with clips to enable it to be fitted to and detached from the wheelchair. Soft pipe insulation was added for comfort. Any staff member, after attaching the guard rail, can confidently wheel the lad through doorways, with no danger of harm to him.

Dumfries & Galloway

Wheelyboat seat

Wheelyboat seatWheelchair user John used a small portable chair to support himself whilst fishing in a wheelyboat. However, it is unstable as it cannot be fastened to one boat as John fishes from several boats.

The practical solution was to supply two battens with three holes in each to allow the chair legs to be set in thereby increasing the base size and improving stability.

John can now enjoy fishing from any wheelyboat.


Wheelchair video mounting

Wheelchair video mountingThis severely disabled young man had finished school and required a challenge to stimulate activity to compensate for the loss of care available.

The video camera was attached to the chair in a fixed position to allow his limited hand movement to operate the camera whilst being able to rotate the wheelchair to allow for panning.

The client was able to make a video of the care centre and the expressions of joy in his face of having achieved an independent action were justification for the device. He is now progressing to making films which benefit others.


Washing line adaptation

Washing line adaptationThis lady has multiple sclerosis and she cannot raise her arms sufficiently to hang out her washing.

Two garden clothes poles were made with cross members which could be raised and lowered by a winch. Washing lines are fixed between the cross members. The lines can therefore be at the low point for pegging out washing and at the high point for drying.

The lady can now participate in a basic domestic function.


Walking aid modification

Walking aid modificationA 16-year old girl with cerebral palsy, ataxia and learning difficulties required a four wheeled walking aid but had problems with her feet kicking the rear wheels.

The existing handles were extended using 22mm chromed tubing which matched exactly. The existing hand grips and brake levers were moved. The balance and stability of the device was still within acceptable limits. Height adjustments were still easily accomplished.

Lisa was very happy with the result and is now able to negotiate doors and around furniture without tripping up.

(Glasgow & Renfrewshire)

Walker seat

Walker seatThis young boy with spastic quadraplegia, has a walker which he could not use at school because of school staff manual handling difficulties.

A wheeled stool was made so that an adult could sit on it and move along behind the walker and give upright support. The boy can now use the walker with no problem for P.E. at the school.

(Dumfries & Galloway)

Trumpet support

Trumpet supportA young lady with effective use of her left hand only had a very keen desire to learn to play the trumpet.

A flexible supporting device, designed to hang around the lady’s neck and take the weight of the instrument, was constructed.

The device allows her to ignore the action of holding the trumpet in place and concentrate entirely on manipulating the valves with the fingers of her good left hand.

The lady is now taking music lessons and is approaching the experience with considerably improved confidence and enthusiasm.


Trolley for oxygen equipment

This 5-Trolley for oxygen equipmentyear old boy needs a constant oxygen supply. At home, he is connected to the supply via a long tube but the portable supply he had was too heavy for him to carry and he needed the constant attendance of a carer.

The portable supply was mounted on a child-sized trolley like a miniature golf trolley and secured with two Velcro straps. The handle is telescopic so that on family outings dad can take over when the client loses interest in using the trolley.

He is now free to walk to school with his friends. A sturdier trolley had to be made to take the punishment of a child bumping over kerbstones.


Trolley for oxygen cylinder

Trolley for oxygen cylinderRuarigh is a young oxygen-dependent boy, who needed a pull trolley for his oxygen cylinder to make it easier for him to go out. It also needed to fit behind his bicycle.

A frame to locate the cylinder was fabricated from flat bar. This was attached to a pair of wheels and the cylinder secured by a Velcro strap. A golf trolley type handle was then created to suit the client’s size.

Ruarigh is now able to move around unaided and still access his oxygen supply.


Transportable padded toilet seat

Transportable padded toilet seatThis client has motor neurone disease (MND) and now requires a padded toilet seat which he has on his normal toilet unit. However when he goes for respite to a nursing home he does not have the same facility.

As it was not possible to obtain an additional seat, a standard toilet support frame was modified to hold the seat allowing the entire unit to be moved from place to place. It has the additional advantage of extra padding on the sides using standard plumber’s pipe insulating sleeves.

The client benefited by always having the same level of comfort regardless of location.

(Caithness & Sutherland)

Transfer sling and frame

Transfer sling and frameThis young man, who has muscular dystrophy, was unable to get entry into a specially modified house to let him live independently as he could not manage to transfer between his wheelchair and the toilet on his own.

After several unsuccessful attempts with different designs of transfer boards we installed a redundant electric hoist donated by another client which together with a shoulder harness and a frame erected around the toilet enabled him to swing across with minimum arm effort.

The combined devices enabled him to use the toilet in a safe and effortless transfer without any assistance, and as a result he has been able to move into his new home.

(Caithness, Sutherland & Orkney)

Tool to operate tap levers

Tool to operate tap leversMichelle, who has arthritis and osteoporosis, already has levers fitted to enable her to operate her bath taps, but because of her worsening condition was finding that she was unable to reach the levers.

An additional hand-held lever was designed which could be placed on, and removed from, the existing tap levers, thus enabling her to reach both taps easily.

Michelle can now avoid the embarrassing situation of having to ask for help while preparing for a bath.

(Dumfries & Galloway)

Toilet transfer

Toilet transferThis lady has very bad tremors and kept slipping off the toilet with the likelihood of injuring herself.

A sheet of thick Perspex was cut to fit the gap between the walls, and profiled round the toilet seat to give continuous support. The Perspex, being attached to the seat, allowed easy cleaning of the bowl.

The material used gave a smooth and easily cleaned surface which provided a safe support to prevent the client slipping over the side of the toilet.

(Caithness, Sutherland & Orkney)

Toilet trainer

Toilet trainerNatasha, aged 6, has severe cerebral palsy and could not support herself on a potty and later on a toilet without assistance.

To allow her to go from nappies to a potty, a box was constructed which allowed her potty to be slid underneath, allowing her to support herself on the edges of the box. She eventually needed to progress to using the proper toilet seat, so a second box was made with two stainless steel handles fitted. She sat on the box and then levered herself up on to the toilet seat.

Natasha can now use the grown-up toilet unaided.

(Caithness, Sutherland & Orkney)

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