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Walker carrier

Walker carrierAlbert wanted to carry his walker on his mobility scooter.

To make this possible, two plastic clamps were attached to the existing stick support on the back of the scooter.

The folding walker can easily be attached to, and detached from, the clips by Albert.


Swivelling over-chair table

Swivelling Over-chair TableA physically frail lady was unable to leave her special chair when she used a standard over bed type table as she is not strong enough to push this out of the way.

A welded steel ‘A’ frame tower was built to support a long swivelling vertical tube, in turn attached to the varnished plywood table top. The ‘A’ frame was to have been screwed into the floor but the client decided against this and eight bricks were used to hold it stable, held in place by a large staple-like device.

The client is very pleased as she can now have her telephone and writing materials close to her and can easily push the table to one side when she wishes to get out of the chair.

(Sussex West)

Mug carrier for Jacqueline

Mug carrier for JacquelineJacqueline suffers from loss of balance, causing falls. She needed a safe means of carrying mugs of coffee from the kitchen.

A decorative cake storage tin, less lid, was fitted with a carrying handle. This was fabricated from 15mm plastic waste pipe. Sponge rubber attached by Velcro to the tin base minimizes drop shock.

The watertight tin’s capacity should prevent leakage. It was later reported as being ‘very satisfactory’.


Microwave cooking helper

Microwave cooking helperThis lady has little strength in her hands and wrists and was unable to remove containerised meals from a microwave oven and transfer food to a bowl.

A device was produced which holds the container when slid out of the oven and tilts it so that the contents can be scraped into a bowl.

The lady is able to have a hot meal and avoid hiring help to cook meals.

(Sussex West)

Leg support on hand-propelled bike

Hand propelled bikeA 9-year-old child has Proteus syndrome and dearly wants to ride a bike, but cannot pedal. He now has a hand-propelled machine.

A device was required to support the child’s legs, to prevent them from dangling on the ground. This was provided by adapting an old backpack frame, and bolting it to the underside of the seat, and to the bike’s front frame.

A keen sportsman, this child is now able to use his bike along Bexhill seafront.

Fishing aid

Fishing aidThis keen fisherman with multiple sclerosis had trouble fishing without help from his fishing friends due to his increasingly weak arms. He wanted more independence.

A spring loaded nylon cord twice turned around fishing rod’s reel handles shaft, provides sufficient tension to turn it when actuated by a hinged arm, controlled by the client’s right hand fingers. Tension is released on the arm’s downstroke and the shaft runs freely. Using riveted aluminium angle, a strong frame supports the hinged curved aluminium lever arm. A 3-point attachment to rod and reel – 2 wrap-rounds and one winged nut bayonet – fitting is easily secured by the client.

The client now fishes regularly with his club friends and without the need of their help to ‘play the line’ and ‘bring in’ the fish.


Child’s ‘K’ frame walker

Child's 'K' frame walkerA teacher requested an easier way of controlling a child’s walking frame to access an upper level playground by ramps. Bending down to push/pull is a strain. A standard window opening rod was donated by parents for adaptation.

To an upstanding bolt, drilled through a U-channel’s top flange, is a permanently fixed square nut. A corresponding square nut in a strong aluminium strut secures the rod to the flange, using a large captive wing nut. The other end of the strut is bolt-fixed to the rod. Ease of detachment of the rod is fixed by a sideways cut through the strut’s square hole on the centre line of the strut.

A more positive control is now possible, to help this small 8-year old child to negotiate the playground ramps.

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