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Contoured portable bed

Special portable bed 1 This 18-year old client needed a portable bed contoured for the way she sleeps that she could use when away from home. The bed needed to be raised in the middle and easily portable.

A base was constructed in plywood with holes cut out to lighten the structure. The slats were made 200mm wide to be strong enough and held together by webbing. The slats fold over to form a pack and the sides hinge inwards to join the pack. A belt Special portable bed 2 around the pack is then used to carry the folded bed. The family supplied a mattress for the bed.

With the use of the portable bed all the family are able to visit grandparents and plan holidays.

(North West Wales)

Joystick control for golf buggy

Joystick control for golf buggyA farmer has a spinal injury resulting in central cord syndrome. The panel was asked if it could adapt a golf buggy to steer using a joystick so that he could go around the farm to check his sheep.

A scheme was designed for a power operated steering system to the buggy, using a joystick, a servocontrol system and a linear actuator. A central armrest was installed to mount the joystick and the engine choke moved to the armrest. The forward/reverse lever was converted to operate by foot instead of hand. The steering device is powered from the battery and this is charged as the buggy is driven. A sliding door enclosure has been fitted to enable the farmer to use the buggy in less favourable weather.

The farmer is now able to visit farm buildings along a farm track and go around the fields to visit his sheep.

(North West Wales)

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