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Oxygen attachment for walker

The client needed to have her oxygen cylinder with her when she went shopping with her 4-wheeled walker; the cylinder could fit into the basket under the seat but the seat could not be then used if she needed a rest.

Coat donning aid

The client needed someone to help him put his jacket as he had difficulty putting his arms into the sleeves

Urine guard for toilet

A young man with cerebral palsy experiences uncoordinated movements of his upper body; he would like to urinate in the home WC without missing the bowl and spreading urine around the bathroom.

Flashing light awareness stimulator

The client uses an electric wheelchair but keeps hitting door posts as she has Left Side Neglect; this is a neurological issue, although her vision is intact.

Sock aid for prosthetic limb

The client needed a device to help him put on the special neoprene sock onto his leg to which the prosthetic limb is attached as he had difficulty reaching down.

Kitchen window opener

Most kitchen windows are at the rear of the sink unit and are largely out of reach for many people; our client was one and needed to open the window for ventilation.

Luggage carrier attachment for wheelchair

The client required a means of attaching a foldable luggage trolley to the front of their wheel chair so that the chair and trolley can be pushed by one person; the device must be quickly connectable without the use of tools, and not increase the size of the trolley when folded  so that it can be taken onto an aeroplane as hand luggage.

Improved shower knob grip

The six scollops of the client’s shower control valve knob were too shallow for our client to grip and turn as she has arthritis in her hands.

Shower thermostat grip -1m

Sewing machine hoist

Sewing machine hoistA lady with arthritis was unable to carry her sewing machine and lift it in and out of her car when she needed to take it to her sewing classes.

A lightweight trolley was designed incorporating a hoist that can lift the machine off a table. The trolley is then pushed outside to the car, the machine is lowered into the boot and the trolley is then folded up for the journey. The hoist is powered by an electric screwdriver with a rechargeable battery.

The client is now independent of any help to take her sewing machine to her sewing classes that are a very enjoyable part of her life.

Mounting block for disabled riders

Mounting block for disabled ridersA branch of the Riding for the Disabled charity needed a wider mounting block to allow two people to help the rider if necessary, instead of only one.

The new block was made from marine ply and treated pine, in two parts bolted together for easier transport. The handrail from the old block was re-used.

This resulted in improved safety for riders who need two helpers.

Throwing frame for Eliza


In spite of having cerebral palsy, Eliza is keen on sport and throws discus and clubs competitively.  She represented the south west region at the national Schools Championship in 2012 and won a silver medal in discus. She and her father Jon approached Remap to ask if they could help her progress by making her a better throwing chair.

The project was taken on by the Yeovil panel. The brief was to make a sturdy chair, capable of being anchored to the ground. It should be adjustable in height and back angle, and there should also be an adjustable foot bar.

Eliza is delighted with her chair, and later in the year she competed in the Disability Sport England national junior championships, where she won gold in the discus and silver in the clubs. The chair has greatly improved her confidence and she continues to progress in her chosen sports.

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