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3D Printed Guitar Stand

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The client is a semi professional guitarist in a band, but has a tumour in the area of the right collarbone. This means that the strap of the guitar presses on it and is painful.

There was a device called the “MBrace” which discontinued production a few years ago, which supported any guitar on a microphone stand and allowed it to swivel to the right angle for playing. This takes the weight of the instrument off the shoulder and allows the player to walk up to the guitar from behind to play.

The challenge therefore was to make a similar support to the M Brace to suit all of the client’s different guitars (around eight in all) both electric and classical to allow her to play them comfortably and switch guitars during a performance.

The solution

The first thing to consider was what material to make the backplate out of, wood or Aluminium may have been possible, but it was thought that it could be a great job for 3D printing. Only a small format 3D printer was available, so the back plate was designed on a CAD file in three sections with dovetail joints between them. This worked well, and after several trial runs the final shape was settled on.

There were a few pictures of the M Brace still available online, so the rough trapezoidal shape was used as a starting point.

The mounting bracket to hold the backplate to the mike stand thread was also 3D printed, including a swivel with eight different holes to allow the angle of the guitar to be adjusted in one plane, and a clamped bolt to allow the angle of the guitar to be adjusted in the other plane. This allows the neck of the guitar to be raised or lowered and the angle of the body to be adjusted as well.

The benefit

The client found that using the stand relieved the pressure on her shoulder considerably, meaning she could play much longer than previously. It was reasonably straightforward to adjust the angles for different playing styles, and to change guitars for different songs etc.

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6 responses to “3D Printed Guitar Stand”

  1. SeánHega says:

    Hi Steve, just wondering did you ever get the CAD files for this project? Regards!

  2. James Bailes says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if I can or was able to get hold of 3-5 of these or the Cad file for someone that could print these.

  3. DavidOxfordshire says:

    We are happy to send you the CAD files as you mention. The bracket for the particular mike stand may have to be modified to suit the one you may have.
    email me on and I will forward them to you.

  4. DavidOxfordshire says:

    I will see if the engineer is happy to release the CAD files. He may be considering making them commercially on a small scale. David Oxfordshire.

  5. steveoborne says:

    Hi, I have some 3D printers, if i can get hold of the cad file, i could print one for you

  6. Dave says:

    Brilliant. What a great solution. I too was looking for the nonexistent miracle stand. Can I get you to make me one of these? Dave in PA

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