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A bespoke stump board for a mobility scooter.

  • Philippa
  • Oxfordshire
  • OX19/1463/7DA
  • Complete

To attach a stump board to a mobility scooter which has no removable cushion, which would allow a standard board to be used.

His mobility scooterbore modificationHis scooter before modification

Comfy Rider fitted in the standard position

The solution

Various solutions were considered to make a board from scratch as there were no commercial products available.

Extensive searches on the internet revealed a devise called ‘comfyrider’ (web site This is designed to support the lower legs and ankles up by the steering column. It clips onto the foot board of the scooter without any modifications, using a spring loaded bracket.

If this device could be moved back along the foot-board it could be used to support a stump and provide a simple answer to the challenge. This proved possible, but when fitted the pad mounting had to be moved inboard to be in line with the stump.

Mobility scooter with modified ‘Comfyrider’ for stump support

The benefit

The client was able to use his scooter for long periods, without discomfort to his stump.

Mobility scooter with modified ‘Comfyrider’ for stump support, and client sitting on scooter.

In the picture above the leg is not strapped to the pad, the elastics are simply to keep the trouser leg in place.

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9 responses to “A bespoke stump board for a mobility scooter.”

  1. DavidOxfordshire says:

    A reply specifically for Gareth – As mentioned above the way to contact your local Remap group is to go to web page and put in your post code, and contact them for assistance.
    I would be happy to help another Remap Engineer to tailor the ComfyRider to your needs if required.

    David Atkins
    Engineer, Remap Oxfordshire Panel

  2. Gareth says:

    Good evening .

    I’m a recent amputee due to sepsis and eould be very interested in this stump board. I’m picking my mobility scooter very soon . Not where I thought would be at my age so going yo make the best of it. Would really appreciate if you could help 🙂

  3. Sophie Morrison says:

    Hi Nichola,
    I’ve replied to your email 🙂 For anyone who is reading along, the best email to reach us is

  4. Nichola Cunningham says:

    That’s great.
    What’s the best email address to use

  5. Sophie Morrison says:

    Happy to help! Send us an email and we’ll see what we can come up with.

  6. Nichola Cunningham says:

    Hi Sophie

    That would be amazing.

    I am not due my amputation until 25th August but rely on my scooter for all my outdoor travels and am trying to get as much in place prior to surgery as possible. If this is something that needs doing after then I’ll wait

    Many thanks

  7. Sophie Morrison says:

    Hi Nichola,

    We’re a charity that custom makes equipment for disabled people when there’s nothing on the market. If you’re in the UK, this is likely to be something we can make for you for free. Please contact us with your address and we’ll link you up with a local volunteer who should be able to help.


  8. Nichola Cunningham says:

    Hi. Could you advise how much one of these would cost to be made for a left side stump

  9. DavidOxfordshire says:

    Hi all.

    I am the engineer who did the original conversion of the ComfyRider from a general leg support at the front of the scooter to the stump board in the pictures.
    I have contacted ComfyRider and they say that they cannot offer a generic modified ComfyRider for amputee use, but he will supply a ComfyRider at a discounted price of £65, (zero VAT) This is because each client’s needs will be different.
    If any panel engineer needs to talk through how to do the modification I would be happy to help.
    Their web site is web site, and Steve Sleeman is the contact.

    David Atkins
    Engineer, Remap Oxfordshire Panel

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