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Accessible storage

Our client is a powered wheelchair user with something of a storage problem around his flat.   Remap were asked if we could create an accessible solution to utilise an area of his lounge alongside his fireplace which wasn’t usable for him due to a sofa bed needing to be positioned adjacent to it, and being unable to get his powered chair close enough to reach.

The solution

We discussed the idea of re-purposing what are generally referred to and listed on web sites as kitchen trolleys.   Knowing that our client is adept with a grabber stick, a type was identified that was easy to get hold of with one, and was a sufficiently small footprint to pass through the narrow gap between the sofa and fireplace.   Our client was happy to buy three of these so they neatly occupy all the available space and he can remove them and return them one at a time.   We assembled them, and engineer Buck White made two removable bespoke tea trays to match, which locate into the top baskets and double up as side tables for visitors which don’t use up any of the valuable floor space necessary for manoevering the wheelchair.

The benefit

Our client was delighted with this solution.

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