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Acorn stairlift comfort seat

Our client has an Acorn Curve stairlift but found the standard seat uncomfortable and asked Remap if we could do anything to help.  Just adding a padded cushion wasn’t workable in this case due to the client’s transfer difficulties.  The seat support is hinged allowing the seat to be put in an upright position when not in use, and this is an important feature to retain as there is restricted space at the property.  The client’s preference for hygiene reasons was for a surface that could be wiped down.

To complicate matters, the original seat is a curved moulding as shown in the photo.

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Ian Brocket removed the original seat and created a bespoke replacement.

Following some experimentation Ian constructed a composite seat made up from 13mm thick board, covered with 25mm thick memory foam all over out to the edges.  For the central area, an additional 12mm thick fabric topped memory foam was added (sectioned from a bath mat). Vinyl fabric was then stretched over the top and secured beneath with staples.  This construction was fixed on top of the seat support with 5 wood screws from underneath and allows the seat to be put upright when not required and is thicker and also softer in the central zone where the client requires it.

The benefit

Our client found the solution much more comfortable and is very pleased with the result.

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