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Activity board for an adult

We were asked if we could make a heavy duty activity board for an adult who was living in a care home. He is quite strong but the care team were anxious to keep him occupied.

The Challenge

The client likes to touch and pull on things such as phone cords, but unfortunately, when he does this, he manages to break them. We have tried using commercially sold boards with sensory items, however, he manages to break these quite quickly and needs something robust to be able meet his sensory needs.

The solution

Components were chosen for their durability and strength as the client is strong. We needed to prevent the client pulling the equipment off the wall whilst using it so choice of what was used was restricted.

The benefit

The client is profoundly disabled and is a wheelchair user which has to be manoeuvred by staff. He is a very strong gentleman and requires sensory stimulation. Because of his strength, items that are sold on websites are not appropriate as they tend to break easily, our solution goes some way in solving these issues.

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