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Add stabilisers to a scooter

  • CliveB
  • Bristol
  • 05-19-06
  • Complete

An adult scooter was required that provided stability at the rear of the scooter, so that this 16 year old child could use the scooter as a form of transport.

The solution

A standard adult scooter was supplied for us to modify

The client would never use the brake on the scooter, so that it could be discarded making room for the rear axle modification.

New wheels were purchased and an extended axle created. Stress calculations on the axle showed that it would bend under adverse conditions and that some support was needed.

A 20x5mm aluminium plate was used as the main support with a smaller 20x5mm plate bolted together, sandwiching the existing frame. 3D printed spacers encompassed the axle and filled the gap between the aluminium supports.

The 3D printed sections were made a colourful feature and new tube end stops were created to finish the fashioning.

The benefit

The child now has a means of transport that she can use.

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3 responses to “Add stabilisers to a scooter”

  1. Karen says:

    I too (for disability reasons) am really in need of an adult push scooter with three wheels but also with hand breaks and have looked everywhere but just can’t find one. If at all possible, I’d really like to get a customised one?

  2. Fizz J says:

    Wow this is amazing and looks so practical and cool! Very well done for thinking of it and good for this girl
    Do you think it would be possible to do the same thing with a push scooter that has hand brakes on?
    I’m desperate for an adult push scooter that has both hand brakes AND three wheels and cannot find one and want to make it safe so I don’t need to use buses or taxis!

  3. Alan Jones says:

    I read the above solution with great interest as I recently purchased an e-scooter, which folds beautifully and is very well engineered. However, I am awaiting a full hip replacement at the end of this month followed by a few months of physio. and bought this to get around the large private campsite where we keep our touring caravan. I have tried to use the scooter as it was bought but find the torque generated by the 250 watt motor uncontrollable with just a front driven wheel and a rear braked wheel. I need something like the one you modified, to give me more stability. I guess the electric braking on my e-scooter could be disabled and the braking effect of the motor utilised.
    I do not really want to use a disabled chair as in hopefully within a few months I will be fully mobile again.
    Any thoughts?

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