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Adjustable support frame for head switches

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Essex West
  • 02/43/A 2005
  • Complete

Adjustable support frame for head switchesThe client can only operate his computer by head movement.  Abilitynet provided a laptop computer and two remote pad switches to control all the computer operations, but the switches needed to be fitted so that the client could control them with his head.  A support frame was made, which clamped to the wing of the client’s armchair.  The wooden cantilever has 3D adjustable features to enable the switches to be fitted for the comfort of the client.  The frame is connected to the clamps through a vertical pivot bolt and wing nut, enabling the carers to swing the frame aside when the client is hoisted from the chair.

The client quickly mastered the operation of the computer through the two head switches and can now write his correspondence and engage in writing poetry.

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