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Adult scooter

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Posted by Paula Allchin



This is an unusual request. A 44-year old man has a very rare skin condition. His sweat glands don’t work properly, and he has lost a lot of body tissue and fat as a result of surgery. He cannot sit down, so a disability scooter is no use. He says that the NHS do not class his condition as a disability – I am looking into this. He asks if we could help him with a stand-up scooter. He is thinking Segway, but I don’t think this is practicable; it would cost around £4000 even for a used one. Also, the same Road Traffic regulations which govern the use of disability scooters would prevent him from using one on the footpath or on the road (although I am looking into this, too).

We are investigating the possibility of making an adult-sized conventional scooter, but there are difficulties as soon as we bring in the factor of powering it.

Any ideas would be gratefully received by  Derek McMullan,Secretary, Remapni

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7 responses to “Adult scooter”

  1. Derek McMullan says:

    Thanks, everybody. The Ecospin Raptor is, indeed, road legal. The agent in Dublin tells me that he can register one with NI plates and deliver it to my door for around €8k (around £7k). Presumably GB agents can do the same (with GB plates, of course). I have passed the info to the client, so as far as Remapni is concerned this is now closed.

  2. Derek McMullan says:

    Thanks, everybody. A stand-up two-wheeled scooter is apparently a no-no, but our local Driver and Vehicle Agency has suggested an Ecospin Raptor ( It’s a tricycle, so it doesn’t have the expensive gyroscope and control gear of the Segway. Probably expensive (I am waiting for the details), but if there is a commercial solution we are happy enough to refer the client to it.
    Thanks again.
    Derek McMullan
    Secretary, Remapni

  3. Paul Winnard says:

    Some years ago I visited a large factory in the north of England, where all of the facilities were a considerable distance apart, so the staff travelled to and fro standing on three wheel low level scooter trikes powered by a twelve volt car battery. they appeared to have only one speed about fourteen miles per hour but took the form of a childs stand on scooter (one steering wheel at front and two wheels at the rear) albeit with a larger standing platform.
    With todays availability of cheap control systems on the internet, I would have thought that this would meet with meet the standards required for a low speed pavement scooter.

  4. Anthony Bond says:

    Have you seen “RollerScoot” – commercial solution, probably too expensive but might give you some ideas.

  5. Lynne Askham says:

    Not sure if this would work because of the physical skills required, but could he ride and electric bicycle? He could (maybe) stand up on the pedals, and it could be adapted into a three wheeler.

  6. PeterP says:

    Ken, Not sure how we could easily get it to you but I have a full sized 4MPH scooter you can have. The batteries are shot but the rest works and could easily be modified for standing use.

  7. Ian Tanner says:

    A stand up scooter has been made! It was as an English-Electric apprentice project and a batch was made. I can’t remember how i got hold of one (maybe 2?) but, after playing around with it(them) I transferred it to Lincoln Remap. Perhaps their Secretary will be able to say more? I might be able to find pictures but would have to rummage in some pretty dusty files. I’m going back c15 yrs! Ring for a chat?


    Ian Tanner (Ch Pboro & District)
    38 Kesteven Drive, Market Deeping, PETERBOROUGH, PE6 8DU. +44 (0)1778 343236

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