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Aga stove lid lifter

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2018/104
  • Complete

The client’s osteoporosis and consequent bent back, shorter stature and damaged spine made it difficult to reach and lift the heavy lids on her Aga kitchen stove.

The solution

Counterbalance weights (made from heat resistant oven gloves) were added with cords running over pulleys. A hooked pole makes reaching much easier.


The benefit

The client can now easily and safely use her favourite kitchen stove.

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One response to “Aga stove lid lifter”

  1. Brooks Nelson says:

    Very cool and easy to use. I was thinking of something like this for my grill. I have a huge 36″ griddle with a large stainless lid. The other half has a hard time lifting it off and getting burnt.

    I might use your idea with an old pulley wheel “to make it look rustic” and some type of counter balance, “weather beam fill with sand” and weld a hinge onto the lid.

    Very exciting, you got me inspired and a fix for my problem. Thanks.

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