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Aid for golf player with Dupuytrens Contracture

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(posted by Susan Iwanek)
David Reid from Remap Scotland has been trying to investigate help for someone with  Dupuytren’s Contracture, and The Low Carb Diabetic blog suggested that at some time in the past a Remap panel has helped such a person continue playing golf. The writer on the blog thought it involved adapting a golfing glove.

I cannot find anything on Remapedia. Can anyone recall a project to help a person with Dupuytren’s Contracture play golf?

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3 responses to “Aid for golf player with Dupuytrens Contracture”

  1. Mike Bennett says:

    Have been reading a blog by someone with dupuytrens and he found that gloves available from were helpful. They were designed primarily for people with arthritic hands but but maybe the additional support would be helpful.

  2. SusanI says:

    Eifion Hughes, North West Wales panel, says:

    I’m not sure of the problem referred to, but we recently helped a young boy who has serious weakness in his right hand grip, and wanting to play bat games with his brothers, and a solution was found in a special glove with extra grips using velcro. They are available in adult, small and mini sizes. Price about £45.
    The solution was found by a young student volunteer who has just joined our Panel, she is a student of “3-dimensional design ” at Manchester Art College, home on leave.

  3. Terry Tomlin says:

    It may be possible to use a commercially available gripping aid glove – see .
    Some modification of the gloves velcro strap might be required to “bypass” the affected ( rigid ) fingers.

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