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Any ideas for a cup tipper?

  • Ian D Midgley
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Martin Whillock of the York panel has asked for this to ‘go national’, saying he is stuck for ideas. Can you help?

He says: “My client cannot hold a cup to her mouth. Currently she drinks all her drinks with a straw from an insulated cup standing on a table. See pic.

She wants to be able to put the cup in a tipper to put on the edge of a table, or her eating platform (below cup in pic.), so she can put her lips on the cup and tip it towards herself.

A hinge underneath on a board would be a good start, but how can I make a socket which will hold the cup, and which will be hygienic ?

This is her favourite cup, which is tapered towards the bottom. Ideally the cup holder should be able to hold a variety of diameter cups firmly, but be easy to put a cup in and out.

Any ideas would be appreciated”.

Please either respond direct to Martin at or contribute your thoughts below.


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5 responses to “Any ideas for a cup tipper?”

  1. Toby Benn says:

    Have you considered the swivel and tilt cup/can holders that are sold for wheelchair/prams? Here is an example:
    A length of metal tube clamped to the table would allow the holder to be set at an appropriate height or even angled out nearer to the user. But I would suggest a taller insulated mug to facilitate the angle for drinking.
    Here is a US model which used to be available on Amazon uk:

  2. gary smith says:

    Hi Martin,

    The cup or cups could be held with a modified strap type jar opener, the can give enough leverage and grip to open a jam jar there should be ample to hold a cup.

    Plus the strap could go through the handle round the cup to give extra security.

    I have 3D printers so alternatively a cup holder could easily be printed.

    As regards to tipping this would depend on the mobility of the person in question as the contents if hot need to be under control.

    I could suggest anything from a roller to a linkage without operating restrictions the next step is unknown.

    Best Regards

    Gary Smith

  3. Roger Allen says:

    Use SUGRU to grip the cup at several points.

  4. Chris Gibson says:

    I came across a book in a secondhand bookshop entitled ‘Making aids for disabled living’ published in 1981 by Stuart Grainger.
    There were several devices in this book utilising plastic drain pipes to grip various items, so I have attached copies [to Martin by email] of one project for easing use of a cup or glass.
    Whilst it doesn’t have a tipping function, it does have one way of holding the cup. There is another project in the book for tipping a teapot.
    All the projects used wood or plastic, the author did not have facilities for metalwork.

    [Does this blog have the option to attach pdf sheets?]

  5. Derek McMullan says:

    Cut a keyhole-shaped hole in the top panel big enough to take the diameter of the cup with a slot to take the handle. Raise the top panel just over half the height of the cup above the bottom panel. For the tipping element, cut the side pieces from 6mm ply or MDF, 200mm radius D-shaped with a router or scroll saw.

    You can probably work out the details for yourself, but let me know if you need clarification.

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