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App for security camera?

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Brian Holder of the Bristol panel  has been attempting to set up a security camera for a client.

The client has very limited motor function and spends most of the day in his electric wheelchair.

He has a chair mounted switch which allows him to open the door. We are trying to provide a simple camera system

To enable sight of the visitor at the door. The camera is wired to his wi-fi router and viewed on his Samsung phone via an app

(P2Pwificam) This works but the client is only able to use the phone via the Galaxy voice app. This causes 2 problems.

1)     With P2Pwificam open, the Galaxy voice app no longer responds

so the client cannot control the app or exit from it.

2)     The P2Pwificam app requires a tap on the screen to enable the

live picture. The client is unable to achieve the tap.

We are looking for assistance to make this work for the client, possibly by use of more suitable apps.


Brian Holder



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3 responses to “App for security camera?”

  1. Ashley Slater says:

    I cannot help thinking a screen or screens mounted on a wall with feed from camera might be best solution. This works a friend with locked gates and a garden workshop. No need to view the screens unless the door bell goes.

  2. Robert Monk says:

    Googling “Android disabled access” turns up some possibilities:
    including this one: “Assistive Touch gives you virtual buttons. These virtual buttons allow you to navigate your device without having to touch it.”

    You could also consult:

    For the long term, it may be useful to contact the app developer to improve its accessibility. There is even an app for it:

  3. Ian Midgley says:

    Hi Brian – might be worth a look at what Google Voice Access can do? It’s supposed to be for people with disabilities to use their Android device completely by voice, so it might be more functionally rich than basic voice recognition apps.

    It appears to automatically overlay buttons with numbers – see this video from 1:25 onward.

    Does need Android 5 though.

    Regards, Ian

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