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Arjo Sara Stedy additional cross rail

Our client has a Swedish product called an Arjo Sara Stedy which is used to help his transfer from sitting to a standing position.  However, the nature of his chair and folding leg rest means his care team struggled to get him close enough to reach the full height cross rail to pull himself up.  There is a compact version of the Sara Stedy and it was felt this would still have the same issue.

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Ian Midgley made a secondary rail out of Interclamp tube and cross-over tube clamps normally used for safety railings.  These are galvanised as standard, so were spray painted grey to match the Sara Stedy and improve the look.

Interclamp locking screws have a sharp ridge which digs into the tube – and would have marked the Sara Stedy uprights if used as-is.  These sharp ridges were ground flat. The uprights were protected with thin neoprene rubber, so the clamp would stay in place fairly well with only light clamping pressure.  But to make sure there could be no slippage, the secondary rail was then suspended from the top rail with adjustable aluminium “hangars” connected to sections of steel M8 threaded stud – which were cut to size on site once the optimum height was found, and also stop any sideways movement of the tube.   As a result, the solution can be removed easily without leaving any marks on the equipment.

Finally, grey heat-shrink sleeve tidies up the M8 threaded stud, and two sections of transparent adhesive lined heat-shrink were added to the new secondary rail to improve hand grip.

The benefit

Getting up to a standing position and sitting down again is now much easier.

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4 responses to “Arjo Sara Stedy additional cross rail”

  1. Clive says:

    Are you able to provide boxes for the Sara Stedy to be sent on an aircraft? Any help gratefully received Thank you

    • Caitie - REMAP Communications & Marketing Assistant says:

      Hi Clive, we’re a UK charity creating custom-made solutions for disabled people – free of charge!

      If you’re based in the UK, please make a referral through our website and we will link you up with a local volunteer who should be able to help you.

      Our referral form can be found here:

  2. Ian Midgley says:

    Thanks for your kind comments Daniel. If you’re in the UK, you can find your local Remap group at and it’s a relatively simple job for any of our groups to replicate for your client. If you’re outside the UK, the type of hand rail system components this project used will be widely available globally – so any good DIY’er would be able to copy the idea too and I’m happy to provide details of how it was done. Regards, Ian.

  3. Daniel says:

    wonderful work! I have a client with exact the same issue, I’m sure she would benefit from this modification. I wish Arjo could see this and make an official version of the secondary cross bar

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