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Attach buggy to powered wheelchair

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2013/18
  • Complete

The client has a powered wheelchair and wishes to be able to take her new born child out in her buggy.

15 mm Speedfit standard pipe fittings, which are easily connected and disconnected by hand, are attached to the existing semi-circular anchor lugs of the wheelchair using door butt hinges bolted through the anchor lugs.  One side of the hinge is bolted to the lug and the other ‘flap’ of the hinge is bolted to the pipe fitting.  This allows for easy alignment and slight up and down angular movement of buggy in relation to the wheelchair. This also facilitates  attachment/detachment of the 15/22mm reducer on the end of the 22mm pipe.  The pipes are easily attached to each side of the buggy which has standard 22mm pipe clips fitted to the buggy’s ‘A’ frame on each side.  The rear wheels of the buggy are supported off the ground.


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