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Attach buggy to wheelchair

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2016/64
  • Complete
Connecting rods in use
Brackets connect the wheelchair and buggybuggy clamps
Clamps to connect to buggy
connector rods Brackets with quick-release clamps for wheelchair

Connecting rods connected Brackets attached in relaxed position

The client requires a means to push her child’s buggy while using her own self-propelled wheelchair.  No permanent brackets can be attached to the wheelchair, but the brackets need to be rigid enough to partially support the weight of the buggy.  When linked to the wheelchair, the rear wheels of the buggy need to be lifted clear of the ground so that the buggy rides on its front castering wheels, for manoeuvrability. Due to the client’s limited lifting ability, some sort of jacking mechanism needs to be incorporated in the brackets, to raise the rear buggy wheels ~2cm clear of the ground.

Two brackets were made that clamp onto either side of the buggy and wheelchair, connecting the two together.

Two clamps (used in yachting to fit canopies) were modified with resin inserts to suit the buggy’s oval section tubes.

The clamps on the wheelchair are easily removable, but firm enough to support part of the buggy’s weight.

To attach the buggy, the brackets are attached in the relaxed position. The levers are depressed to raise the rear of the buggy and pins inserted


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