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Baby buggy & pushchair on wheelchair

It is not permitted to carry anyone else on a mobility vehicle on a public highway or footpath Department of Transport guidance  . Any modification undertaken by Remap is done for the purpose of using the item on private property.

Baby buggy & pushchair on wheelchairThe client wished to fit a baby buggy or alternatively a pushchair to her wheelchair. She wanted to be able to connect and disconnect it herself.

The buggy-linking frame connects to the wheelchair by spigoting into the wheelchair foot rest fixings. New foot rests are incorporated into the buggy-to-wheelchair linking platform. The linking frame is lifted and dropped into the wheelchair foot rest fixings using side mounted screw jacks operated using a cordless screwdriver.

Latches secure the buggy/pushchair frame spigots preventing detachment. Linkage enabled hand operation for the buggy/pushchair brake (normally foot operated). When connected the rear wheels of the buggy/pushchair are lifted off the ground.

The client can now connect either a buggy or pushchair to her wheelchair independently with relative ease and the unit is highly manoeuvrable, stable and safe when connected.

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2 responses to “Baby buggy & pushchair on wheelchair”

  1. Nicola Pilkington says:

    How much would this cost?

    • molly.wakeman says:

      Hi Nicola, all of our items are custom made free of charge. You can complete our referral form to see if we can help you with something similar, however please be advised that this particular solution is for use at home only:

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