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Baby lifter

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Surrey
  • 2004
  • Complete

Baby lifterA lady with a general weakness in her hands, arms and back cannot carry heavy weights. She was concerned that she would not be able to care for her new baby properly.

A ‘mini’ forklift truck was constructed with a ’C’ frame for a base and a vertical pillar that contained a shaft/guides on which the lifting frame moved. A winding drum driven by a windscreen wiper motor provided the motive effort and the power was provided by a re-chargeable battery. A suitable container was constructed on the lifting frame to hold the baby and the unit was mounted on castors to enable it to be moved around the house. The height of lift can be adjusted from floor level to 1 metre.

The ‘Baby Lifter’ is in daily use and the mother doesn’t know how she would have managed without it.

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