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Balcony platform and ramp

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The client uses a four-wheeled walker. She lives in a first floor flat and used to enjoy sitting on the balcony before she became infirm and had to used the walker. There is a 50mm threshold on the inside of the door and a 150mm drop outside the door to the balcony. There is insufficient space between the door and the balcony railing to fit a ramp at a safe angle of slope.

The solution

A shallow internal 1:12 ramp was made from marine plywood and fixed in place to allow the walker to get over the threshold. A 150mm high horizontal platform was made, also from marine plywood, and fitted outside the door, 900mm deep to allow the walker to be stopped and turned. An external 900mm wide, 1:12 ramp was made and attached at right angles to the platform, allowing the walker to descend along the line of the exterior wall. The platform and ramp had safety edging fitted and both were coated with an anti slip surface. Finally a pole and looped rope were added to hold the balcony door open to ensure it did not obstruct the client as she negotiated the turn on the platform.  The open door also acts as a safety barrier to the side of the ramp.

The benefit

The solution enabled the client to return to her balcony where she enjoyed the view of the gardens.  A pleasure that had not been possible since she started to use her wheeled walker.

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