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Bath handle modification

The client has several debilitating conditions including the amputation of her left leg. She is a wheelchair user and needs constant support. She uses a 25 year old Parker bath. She can no longer grip the handles and finds that she slips down the bath. The OT suggested that an extension to the handles would probably solve the problem.

The rubber coverings of the ends of the handles were removed and a wooden rod of exactly the same diameter as the inside diameter of the stainless steel tube that forms the handle was inserted to the fullest possible depth (about 5 inches). The other end of the rod was fitted inside a piece of copper C/H pipe to the extent of about 5 inches. The wooden end was hammered into the exposed ends of the stainless steel tube to leave the copper pipe extending out of the tube. The rubber covers were refitted. It is difficult, without measuring the length of the handle, to see that an extension has been fitted.

The client is going to use the bath and report to the OT how she gets on.


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