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Bath seat for specialist bath

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Swindon
  • 16/03 2005
  • Complete

Bath seat for specialist bathThis client’s specialist bath has a built-in seat, now too low for him to rise from the bath unaided. The requirement was for a raised seat, removable to allow bathing by others and held firmly against tipping by the rather abrupt movements of the client.

A commercial bath seat was obtained that fitted on the built-in one. A frame was then constructed that pivots to the lower front edge of this seat. It carries a cross-bar that prevents the upper back of the seat from rising when the extension rearwards of the frame is held under a hook mounted on the wall at the back of the bath. The seat is thus prevented from tipping or sliding forwards, whilst being readily removable.

The client can now bathe unassisted and safely.

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