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Bath transfer aid

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2018/129

A young man with severe cerebral palsy and spasms was being lifted by his carers into and out of a Lecky bath chair for bathing, affecting their backs. The usual solution of a wheeled hoist was not suitable because the legs would not pass under the bath (which is closed by a tiled panel). The home is rented and the parents were unwilling to ask the ladlord to alter the bathroom, including the installation of an overhead railed hoist.

The solution

The client’s Leckey bath chair is mounted on a frame which straddled the bath, with one pair of legs inside the bath and the others outside on the bathroom floor. The wheeled hoist is used to position the client on the bath chair while over the bathroom floor. The chair is rotated and then slide over the bath. A splash screen is positioned to minimise wash spillage on the floor. A hand-held shower head is used to bathe the client.

Bath chair ready to receive the client

Chair rotated

Chair slid over bath

Splash screen in place

The benefit

The client can be positioned over the bath for bathing in a manner safe for both the client and carers.

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2 responses to “Bath transfer aid”

  1. Robert Monk says:

    If you would like one to be made for you, you should contact your local Remap group: But bear in mind that suitable commercial ones may be available to suit your own circumstances and Remap does not make what is commercially available:, so please check first.

  2. Anthony A says:

    where can I get this transer/ bathing chair and how much does it cost

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