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Bathing support cushion attachment straps

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2015/30
  • Complete
support, straps and bath
Straps, cushion and bath
Straps, showing press studs
A care home has a bath with a moveable base within the bowl of the bath that is used to raise and lower the user into the water.  An inflatable shaped cushion is used to support the user.  The cushion is attached to the base with suckers but, because of the surface finish of the base, they do not attach securely enough and the cushion floats out of position.

It was decided to attach straps to the underside of the cushion which would then pass under the bed and close with plastic buckles.  The suckers are attached to the cushion with press studs and it was found that they could be removed and those same press studs used to attach the straps.

The cushion stays in place but can still be easily removed when required.


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