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Bed Control Activation Unit

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The client has Motor Neurone Disease resulting in increasing difficulty/being unable to press the hand control buttons to operate a profiling bed. The aim of the project was to provide a modified front face to the control unit which he could operate.

The Challenge

The profiling bed used by the client came with a button control unit but the buttons were quite small and sunken into the face of the unit. The client has quite large hands and with his reduced dexterity was unable to activate the buttons thus requiring his wife or care assistant to adjust the bed for him.

The solution

An over-panel was designed to fit onto the face of the bed control unit.

The Solution

An over-panel was designed using Fusion 360 to then be 3D printed and it featured;
–  large push button areas.
– reduced thickness in certain areas to create flexibility/spring feature.
– a dimple at the rear of each push area to operate the recessed button on the control panel.
– the panel is held in place on the control unit with retaining clips and a back plate. The retaining clips are printed as separate items to give maximum strength from the print layering.

A vinyl front cover was created, using a cricut machine, to indicate the button functions.

The panel is manufacture from ABS weighs 40 g and takes 5 hours to print.

The panel added to the control unit has allowed the client to operate the controls to the profiling bed.

The benefit

The Benefit

The client now has the ability to operate the bed at all times without requiring the presence of his wife or care assistant, so giving him much greater independence.

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