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Bed transfer rail

Our client had recently dispensed with a hospital-type profiling bed and bought himself a much nicer looking one.  But like the profiling bed, his new bed only came with a particular type of grab rail and our client has a method of transfer which required something more bespoke.

The supplied rail for the bed.

The solution

Harrogate & Ripon Group engineer Brian Wood took tubes which had been professionally bent to our requirements by a specialist tube bending company ( ) and welded them together to create a completely bespoke replacement transfer rail for one side of the bed.  This comprises a slight increase in height over the original, and an additional grip to one side

Bending copper tube is simple, but bending steel tube is much harder.

Tube Bender’s main business is creating bespoke exhausts and roll cages for cars so they have the specialist bending equipment needed.

The benefit

Our client was able to use his preferred method of transfer and reduce reliance on carers, and was pleased that we managed a good match to the paint finish of the bed, and the standard rail retained at the opposite side.

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