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Bedpan – modified

A young man with Cerebral Palsy has a home fully equipment for his disability, but goes away with his family. When he is in his wheel chair and needs to use a bed pan he elevates himself and a bedpan is positioned. However the shallow design of the normal pan makes it extremely difficult to clean him and remove the pan. His mother asked for a pan to be made which was deeper by 1.5inch.

A standard white plastic pan was purchased (made of High Density Polyethylene-HDPE). It was cut in half along a faint joint line and the handle on this line also removed. A plastic fabrication company in Redcar was contacted via a Cambridge based welding institute and kindly agreed to weld in the extension piece made of 6mm thick matching material

The client is now able to cope with toileting when away from home, and over a recent break the new pan proved to be excellent


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