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Bendy Spoon

Richie’s spoon has a hinge point near the handle and a swivel in the middle of the stem. This means that he can bring the spoon from the bowl over to his mouth but the spoon stays level. 

I think the flat parts can be made from salvaged stainless steel, but the spoon would have to be welded on and the handle would have to be moulded on – possibly Polymorph thermoplastic nylon?

Has anyone any suggestions?

Derek McMullan,

Remap Northern Ireland Panel

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4 responses to “Bendy Spoon”

  1. Gareth Rowan says:

    I know it’s not really a direct solution but I use an updated version of this spoon!

    I have a C4 SCI and I use this

    It’s expensive but works brilliantly, they only post to USA so you need someone to post it on to you or take it home from holidays !

  2. Derek McMullan says:

    I had omitted to say that Richie can clench his fist, but he is unable to rotate his wrist or his forearm – he can’t use a screwdriver, for instance. So the handle of the spoon is always pointing straight up. Thinking a bit more, I wonder if the handle ant the proximal part of the stem could be 3D printed in one piece, doing away with the first joint. Then the inner part of the swivel could be shaped on the end, and the distal (spoon) end could be 3D printed with the outer part of the swivel and a flat tang. The latter could be bonded to a stainless steel spoon with the tang suitably ground to shape?
    Thanks for your input, William, some more ideas to build on.
    Derek McMullan.

  3. William Lygate says:

    Just came across this site, very interesting. I’m a designer so hope this helps you a bit.
    This problem can be broken down into 3 sections (considering a very low production run);
    1. The spoon section would be made in one piece from a good quality salvaged SS (Stainless Steel) spoon (there are many different levels of quality in SS). SS can be cut and shaped by using compatible quality hand tools, heat treated and polished. Welding would be avoided as this needs specialised equipment. The tight bend would not be necessary as this is there to produce fixed rotation, but would have enough bend to produce spring that enables tension against rotation (avoid violating material minimum bend radius). This is the same for the middle adjoining SS section.
    2. The rotating SS mid section joining to the SS tang section that fits into the handle is simply drilled and using SS screw with spring type washer to keep adjustable tension on rotation.
    3. Handle is typical 3D produced by using software such as Creo, then 3D printed with plastic such as inexpensive ABS, the tang is bonded to the handle using many of the bonding agents available for these two products. The suggested Nylon can be 3D printed but takes on a higher level of 3D printer not always readily available, nylon has material specifications available with known tensile properties, but would not be necessary for strength as the SS tang bonded to the handle would produce a re-inforced single unit.

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