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Bicycle aid for seven-year old

  • Sophie Morrison
  • York
  • 04/653 2005
  • Complete

Bicycle aid for seven-year oldThis seven-year old girl was born with her left hand and most of her forearm missing. She is very active and wanted to ride her bike without twisting and putting a strain on her back.

A wooden ring with a wooden disc below, was mounted on 8mm screwed rod to form a grip for her to hold firmly with her stump, which she can release quickly. The other end of the rod has a simple horizontal only swivel clamped to the handle bar. The whole device is adjustable to put her in the right posture for cycling, and can be adjusted as she grows. The grip, or ‘armdle’ (from ‘handle’), design is likely to be used for future applications such as playing the cornet.

She is an equal among her cycling friends, and her occupational therapist and parents have stopped worrying about damage to her back.

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