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Bicycle direction indicators

  • Sophie Morrison
  • York
  • 07/739 2008
  • Complete

Bicycle direction indicatorsA young lady with restricted use of her left arm following a stroke could not both indicate with her right arm and steer steadily. Commercial indicators were not wide or bright enough and batteries did not last very long.

A waterproof lampholder for bright orange LEDs (21 shining forward and 21 aft) was mounted at each end of a transverse aluminium bracket and powered by three rechargeable 1.5V batteries in a waterproof case attached behind the saddle. An easy to use L/R switch was mounted on the handlebars so that she could use it with her right hand without taking her hand off the handlebars.

The client can now signal more easily and clearly, and is able to ride more confidently. In addition, batteries now last several months before they need recharging.

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