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Boggy board for electric wheel chair

Client with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy could only walk short distance before pain in legs required a fitting to her wheel chair so that when her child who is being tested for the same condition got tired, the child could ride on a platform or could ride on so the family could get out more.

If the child was sitting on the client the clients legs took a long time to recover.

We could not find a suitable tow along device as the child was getting heaver and available devices only took 25Kg so were unstable.


The solution

I obtained some large heavy-duty casters with bearings, i had the client measure the wheelchair to start with so I didn’t have to visit. once I had the wheels i made up a T section steel frame to mount the wheels and so I could measure from this to the wheelchair to then produce the towing arm and attachment.

I took enough measurements to enable me to replicate the place where I intended to tow the board off , this was a large steel structure at the rear of the wheel chair that is used in transit of the wheelchair.

I went for a hook arrangement and a off-center spring loaded clamp to stop the boggy board coming off.

once the attachment had been fashioned and a hinge so the board has horizontal movement but no lateral movement as this may hinder the wheel chair when we tested the boggy board the child was standing upright and felt quite safe ( before the child was standing on the swivel of the wheelchair wheels and hanging onto the back of the chair so her arms were getting tired.)

I decide that the boggy board would be a tripping hazard to others walking past the rear of the wheelchair, because of this I altered the hinge and tow arm so the board would fold up and be secured with a strap and small clip that the child can operate.

The benefit

Because of the boggy board the family will be able to make longer trips out and the child will be able to rest when she is tired and unable to walk. before they would be stopping and sitting down for a time so the child could carry on walking.

They were looking forward to going to the park although only a short distance from there house it was a struggle to get there and back without a lot of effort and upset.

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