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Bow stand for one handed archery project

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  • SD.03.11.18
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The essential feature of the stand is that it should be secure enough to withstand the bowstring pull without too much deflection. This was achieved with long side support braces down to a large plywood base board which the user stands on or parks their wheelchair on.   The limiting factor for the base  is transport size.

Also as always and particularly with a potentially dangerous activity like archery risk assessment is important.

The solution

See picture

The benefit

For some reason archery is a very popular activity and lots of people get pleasure and a chance to meet up at these sessions.

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9 responses to “Bow stand for one handed archery project”

  1. Helen says:

    Thank you very much.

  2. Caitie - REMAP Communications & Marketing Assistant says:

    Hi Helen, please make a referral through our website and we will link you up with a local volunteer who should be able to help you free-of-charge.

    Our referral form can be found here:

  3. Helen Bell says:

    Hi, please can you let me know how to get hold of one of these, or get one made. I teach PE in a school for children with SEND and this would be perfect for several of our pupils who have CP or upper limb issues.

  4. David Martin says:

    Your local Remap group should be up to that challenge Kieran. Remap Cambridge did one that didn’t require the bow to be held, see our main site
    Find your nearest group at

  5. Kieran Woodward says:

    Hi I’m looking for a bow stand for people in wheel chairs. I have a few people I teach who can’t grip the bow. Any ideas?

  6. Sophie Morrison says:

    Hi Renee! This was made by our Scunthorpe group. Hopefully they’ll comment below soon, or you can ring them on 01724 843502.

  7. Renee Stanford says:

    Hi! I am working with a Paralympic sports club and would love to make one of these bow stands for a little girl with SMA! Is there somebody I can get in contact with to get closer pictures/explanations of how I might be able to build this? Thanks!

  8. Devin Allen says:

    I have a grandson with a left arm that is to weak to use a bow.
    I think this stand would work for him.
    Please send information on where to purchase or build a unit.

  9. Linda burrettt says:

    I am really interested in this bow stand. My adult son only has useof one arm and is keen to start archery. Can the plans be shared please?we have a Remapgetleman willing to help us. Thank you Linda

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