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Braille Swing Cell

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2022/010
  • Complete

Braille is read using a 6 dot pattern arranged as two columns of 3 dots to define each letter. When it is typed, the six keys of a Braille typewriter are arranged in a straight line left to right (ie. in a linear 6 dot format) which are each pressed by three fingers of each hand. Students therefore need to be able to recognise the patterns in both formats.

The solution

The 3D printed swing cell allows the instructor to setup any Braille pattern that can then be read by the student in either the 2×3 dot format (when the cell is folded closed) or in the 1×6 dot format (when open).

The benefit

The instructors can now set up any Braille pattern and the students understand the connection between the two formats.

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