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Buggy failsafe brake

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2012/24
  • Complete
Modifications to the buggy wheels

Modifications to the buggy handlebar

New parts

New clamp to fix new brake cable to existing brake rod.  Identical clamp was used to fix the cable at the other end to the new brake bar

The client is concerned that her epilepsy will cause her to lose control of her buggy while out and about and requires a brake that apply automatically.  Such brakes are not available for any buggy.

The existing parking brake engages a rod into the hub of each rear wheel. The rods were originally spring-loaded to retract. For this modification, the spring from one brake rod was removed and fitted such that it forces the rod into engagement with the wheel hub. The other brake rod was not modified and still acts as a parking brake.

A new two-part bracket is clamped to the existing axle and holds the end of the new brake cable sheath, while allowing the existing brake rod to move freely.

A new brake bar is fitted into two holes, one drilled into the inside of each arm of the existing buggy handle. It is made from 6mm dia SS rod bent to shape. The end of the new brake cable is clamped to it. The brake cable sheath is held in a standard bicycle brake part, fixed to the existing buggy handle.

Holding the new brake bar up withdraws the existing brake rod from the existing wheel hub and allows the buggy to move. Releasing the brake bar allows the spring to force the brake rod into engagement with the wheel hub, stopping the buggy.

An alternative approach is wo proved  a tether between the buggy and user: https://www.makeability.org.uk/project/23054/buggy-safety-tether/

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