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Chair mover

Parkinson’s sufferers often have difficulty pulling their chair up to the dining table, and carers struggle to help.


A light framework of 20mm angle iron is welded to be a reasonable fit around the chair legs, with the wheels from 75mm castors attached at each corner. For the rear corners, the swivel base of braked castors is cut off and discarded, as in the photo, and the remaining yoke, carrying the castor and brake assembly, is welded to the frame. There is no need to fix the chair into the frame. The chair just stands in the frame, which is placed behind the table. The framework increases the height of the chair seat by no more than 20mm. The client sits down and the carer can then wheel the chair to the table and lock the rear brakes.

This allows clients to join in family meals in the normal way, with no alteration to the furniture.

Bournemouth & District panel ref. 23/124


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