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Challenger trimaran buddy seat

A removeable “buddy seat” to allow an instructor to sit alongside someone with disability learning to sail a Challenger trimaran.

The Challenge

Remap were contacted by a local sailing enthusiast looking to setup a Sailability club in our area.  A Challenger trimaran is a very stable sailing platform popular with sailors having a disability, and Peterborough Sailability had already loaned a Challenger to help establish the club.  But the Challenger is a single seat craft and needs a removable buddy seat for an instructor to help people to learn to sail.

The solution

Peterborough Sailability had already created and refined and used buddy seats over a period of time and were kind enough to share their knowledge of how best to create a copy of their design for the loaned Challenger.  Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Antony Cole took the designs and replicated them, aquiring a spare plastic seat, and bringing in specialist aluminium welding skills of a colleague to help create the solution and keep it as light as possible.  Metal supply was from local company and supporters of ours, Metals4U.

A Peterborough Sailability “buddy seat” in use, courtesy of Richard Johnson who provided us with the designs and advice.

The benefit

This solution will help the local Sailability group to establish itself.

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