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Changing bed steps

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2022/168
  • Complete

The school required steps to enable a small child with good mobility to climb up onto a changing bed with the minimum of assistance. It is hoped that he will gain confidence and be increasingly able to mount the bed as he grows and develops.  Currently two wooden steps are used, assisted by two carers to climb up to and down from the bed.

A two-step, easily-cleanable, single unit with removable & height adjustable handles on both sides (removable depending on the child – to allow the legs to be swung to the side.) was requested. The aim being that the child holds onto the handle whilst climbing up and, if capable, swings their legs onto the bed. To come down, the child would hold the handle in his right hand, sit on the edge of the bed and slip off onto the top step and progress down to the bottom step and floor with the aid of the handrail. It is expected that the handrail height doesn’t need to be adjusted whilst in use.

The solution

Plywood was glued and screwed to a frame of battens. The upper sides have an additional ply panel to secure the screws holding the saddle clamps securing the hand rails.  22mm electrical conduit, attached to the steps with saddle clamps, support the handrails and allow for vertical/height adjustment and removal if desired.  The rails are 20mm electrical conduit and are held in place by saddle clamps (shimmed to place the inner tube centrally in the 22mm tube) which can be slackened off (using the butterfly bolts) to adjust the rail height or remove the rails altogether. Bicycle handlebar tape provides a comfortable and stable grip over the gripping part of the rails. Two fixed castors on the rear panel allow the steps to be tipped and wheeled around.

The benefit

The children can use the changing bed safely while gaining self-confidence.

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