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Changing mat guard rail

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2023/004
  • Complete

The client uses a changing mat that fits over their bath. The mat folds up out of the way during bathing. This active child has learnt how to roll off the mat very quickly. The bath manufacturer makes a guard rail that fits into sockets on the mat. Unfortunately it must be removed by lifting in order to fold the mat so as to use the bath. Due to its weight and length it requires two hand and is quite large to store without the risk of it falling and hitting someone or thing. A rail is required that remains in place when the mat is folded away and can be opened/closed one-handed.

The solution

The solution was a folding rail that can be permanently installed on the bath mat. The hinges are from a boat guard rail and so have locking pins to ensure the rail stays in the correct position.

The rail was manufactured from 22mm copper pipe painted white with Hammerite smooth paint. The cover is made from a white coarse fabric mesh stitched to fit the guard rail frame and with a Velcro fastener at one end which allows the cover to be removed for washing.

3D printed bushes were made to fit the tube into the sockets, which were actually oval in shape! Soft 3D printed plugs were fitted to the bottom of the tubes and a clip was attached to ensure the rail did not fall open when the bath mat was folded.

Bath with mat and rail folded up out of the way

Guard rail with hinges

The benefit

The client can now safely be bathed and changed

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One response to “Changing mat guard rail”

  1. Debbie Lang says:

    Huge thanks to ReMap – this guard rail has given us so much more confidence when changing our daughter as she loves to roll around! Would not hesitate to recommend ReMap – wonderful service, very professional & so helpful.

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