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Child’s ‘K’ frame walker

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Sussex East
  • 0419 2006
  • Complete

Child's 'K' frame walkerA teacher requested an easier way of controlling a child’s walking frame to access an upper level playground by ramps. Bending down to push/pull is a strain. A standard window opening rod was donated by parents for adaptation.

To an upstanding bolt, drilled through a U-channel’s top flange, is a permanently fixed square nut. A corresponding square nut in a strong aluminium strut secures the rod to the flange, using a large captive wing nut. The other end of the strut is bolt-fixed to the rod. Ease of detachment of the rod is fixed by a sideways cut through the strut’s square hole on the centre line of the strut.

A more positive control is now possible, to help this small 8-year old child to negotiate the playground ramps.

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